Head of the syndicate


Jack is a reformed and retired pirate and isn’t shy about it he always has a story to tell and has a razor wit about him. Outside of what he tells people not much is known about him, and of what he does tell people some of it is so far fetched most believe he is just an old sailor telling tall tales. Almost every day of the week he can be found in the slice of heaven delicatessen serving up some of the best sandwiches in the city.

What people don’t realize is that almost all of his stories are not fiction.

Jack is a not so reformed but retired pirate captain who through many a successful job decided to put the roaming life aside in favor of beginning a successful life of on land piracy. Jacks crew runs many a successful legitimate business in stormfare. All of them are covers for illegitimate underworld activity.
Jack and his crew have successfully infiltrated the stormfare underworld. Black markets, trades, sales, politics. You name it jack has a hand in it.


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