Versus The Consultants

Stormfare Elite Prepare for Mamban Trip, Holiday
Aristocrats excited for bi-annual fête, promise new business

by Marshallea Alexandratta
Sea Seer Society desk

In two days’ time, many of the city’s most celebrated aristocrats, nobles, and entrepreneurs will all make a pilgrimage south to Mamban for the famous All Delves’ Ball, a party hosted in the Center City at a secret location known only to invitees and revealed only minutes before the party begins. At this glorious event, which this humble reporter has been lucky enough to attend all five times this past decade, all the greatest Houses and Families from all over the Land gather to collude, ally, and liaise for the betterment of all. At this gathering in particular, it is expected to be announced by House del Luna that Lambra Helarc will ascend to the Matronhood of her House following the unfortunate death of her Patron, Drinnus. It is also anticipated that greater protections will be announced for the coastal trade routes in advance of more frequent and larger shipping sorties between Mamban and Stormfare.

I will be sending dispatches from the fête, so expect updates as the event carries on.

Evil Sea-Creature Ceremony Stopped
Consultants credited with ending Qualgorn rite

by Will Shemlast
Sea Seer Special Editor

Several dozen wicked worshippers of the foul Qualgorn learned this past Saturday just what it means to run afoul of Stormfare’s favorite fighters of evil. Witnesses report the undead hunter Jon Tallstag and the Bringer of Light Alanil arrived on the scene together, coming bravely up from under the water, and immediately set about destroying the hideous totem constructed on the shore of spirit bay in a cave at the base of the Prefect’s cliff, not a quarter-mile from the causeway. As Tallstag and Alanil were putting an end to whatever black sacrament the would-be alien-lovers were attempting to convene, the great crafting cleric Tor’Dal and his comely companion Braos appeared on the cliffside to provide support.

Reports from the surviving aberrants are muddled, but it sounds like the Consultants arrived just before any evil magic was unleashed, and were able to preemptively put down any resistance that might have arrived, leaving a dozen of these twisted cultists dead and many more severely injured. Given the sick state of the minds of these people, it’s difficult to credit anything they might say as being at all close to the truth, but after investigating the scene, this reporter was able to piece together the preceding scenario.

Word on the Street

Through all of The Usual Channels, a message has gone out that Quincy Malbreath is angry as hell, and is looking to unleash some payback on someone. “Whoever you are, you know what the fuck you did, and I am not gonna stand here and be made a goddamn patsy for whatever you have planned. I got allies in Spirit Bay, you shits, and together we are gonna find you, and we are gonna end you. I promise you that.”

The invitation

You are invited to a special event at the slice of heaven deli

There will be a mead and sandwich pairing with hors d’oeuvres served throughout the night

There will also be a showing of the artwork of Balerion D’ephazz an up and coming artist in the city

All this accompanied by the haunting music of the spectres through out the night

Please join us for this once in lifetime event

No More Leads In Murdered Inquisitor Case

by Baleen Panache
special to the Stormfare Sea Seer

Police Investigations into the death of Brother Norcross Hammerheart, Inquisitor of Torag, have halted for the time being says Detective-Inspector Gerlow SeBrett of the Stormfare constabulary. Hammerheart was killed under extremely suspicious circumstances, his body having been disintegrated with little evidence left behind and a great many suspects at large. Detective-Inspector SeBrett is on record saying that while they have many suspects, they don’t yet have sufficient information to narrow the field, or get a warrant to bring anyone in for further questioning.

Brother Hammerheart had become known lately as the city’s most vocal opponent to the large expansion of the Calistrian Temple downtown.

"Eox Council" Powers Extended!
Prefect Approves, Consultants to Target Stormfare Underworld

by Baleen Panache
special to the Stormfare Sea Seer

In a surprise announcement delivered at this morning’s city all-council meeting, Alderwoman Vana Prakkalmahatra declared her intent to re-focus the attentions of the so-called “Eox Consultants” from the undead problems in Spirit Bay to the criminal underworld right here in Stormfare. The consultants were originally retained with the specific purpose of keeping the city safe during Eox’s approach and rendering Spirit Bay safe for habitation. After accomplishing this mission, they then retreated from the public eye to return to their own activities, but have now been reactivated and thrust once again into the limelight.

The Alderwoman, speaking to a full chamber with a polymorphed Prefect Van-Seerien standing behind her, said that certain elements of the city’s crime families had conspired with others to establish a slave trade, which she said will “not be tolerated in a city that treasures freedom and opportunity as much as Stormfare does”. She also alluded to nefarious activities in the shipping lanes between here and Mamban, and unwelcome activities in the underground of Traitor’s Hill and Bog Hill.

While the speech and decree were alike met with thunderous applause, this reporter did hear mutterings among the other city alders wondering why this was suddenly a priority.


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